Bespoke Software Development

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Ethical development

Welcome to Kutoa, a digital consulting firm routed in social reformation. Our creative strategies and analytical software combine to protect the ethical and structural integrity of your company, while complying with modern sector codes. It is our mission to aid in the formation of an inclusive economy which complies to The codes of good practice.


We aim to be an industry leader in next gen bespoke software. Our programs decrease the tiresome task of scorecard calculations, allowing our clients to focus on the important parts of running a business.


Kutoa’s impecable professionalism allows us to maintain a cordial relationship with our valued clients. We’re transparent, honest and open, and respect our clients with honesty and dignity. We treat innovation as a baseline requirement, and constantly strive to push our technological knowledge to new limits.

Kutoa’s mission is to reach the pinnacle of technology and strategy by driving ethical growth in all of our clients. We are passionate about ethics in the corporate environment. Our next goal is to form a foundation based on that concept.

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